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1) Nudge: Improving Decisions about Health, Wealth, and Happiness,
by Thaler, Richard H, Sunstein, Cass R
Paperback (032009)

Citing decades of cutting-edge behavioral science research, the authors demonstrate that sensible choice architecture can successfully nudge people towards the best decisions without restricting their freedom. ... read more

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2) Awareness Through Movement: Easy-To-Do Health Exercises to Improve Your Posture, Vision, Imagination, and Personal Awareness,
by Feldenkrais, Moshe
Paperback (072009)

Awareness Through Movement written by Moshe Feldenkrais provides a modern-day, practical program for the perennial ideal of a healthy mind in a healthy body. Feldenkrais directs in a way for people of every age to integrate physical and mental development into a new, invigorating wholeness. ... read more

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3) Tai Chi Space: How to Move in Tai Chi and Qi Gong,
by Cavel, Paul, Manham, Sophie
Paperback (112017)

pThis pictorial guide with supporting text is the first of its kind, illuminating the fundamentals of the arts of tai chi and qi gong through metaphor and visuals that are easy to understand./ppBeginning students will learn basic principles in a simple format, while experienced stylists will discover nuances that shed light on the secrets of deep, internal, and energetic training that powers the well-documented health and healing benefits of the ar ... read more

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4) Awaken the Giant Within: How to Take Immediate Control of Your Mental, Emotional, Physical & Financial Destiny!,
by Robbins, Anthony
Paperback (111992)

The creator of acclaimed personal achievement programs and the author of the bestselling Unlimited Power reveals the proven steps to self-mastery. Robbins shares the secrets of his exclusive "Date with Destiny" seminars, describing how unconscious beliefs control our behavior and how we can make immediate changes to accomplish our goals. Charts and graphs. ... read more

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5) Easyguide to APA Style,
by Schwartz, Beth M, Landrum, Ronald Eric, Gurung, Regan A R
Spiral (032016)

Written by experienced psychology instructors Beth M. Schwartz, R. Eric Landrum, and Regan A. R. Gurung, all active and respected members of the American Psychological Association (APA) Society for the Teaching of Psychology, the updated Third Edition of An EasyGuide to APA Style provides a reader-friendly guide for mastering APA style and covers all sections of an APA-style paper. Clear, conversational, and humoro ... read more

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6) In Loving Memory Funeral Guest Book, Memorial Guest Book, Condolence Book, Remembrance Book for Funerals or Wake, Memorial Service Guest Book: A Celeb,
by Publications, Angelis
Hardcover (122016)

A HARD COVER memorial guest book with an open layout for your guests to leave their name and personal message ... read more

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7) Road Less Traveled, 25th Anniversary Edition: A New Psychology of Love, Traditional Values and Spiritual Growth (Anniversary),
by Peck, M Scott
Paperback (022003)

Written in a voice that is timeless in its message of love and understanding, "The Road Less Traveled" continues to help readers explore the very nature of loving relationships. Wise and profoundly spiritual, this is a proven classic, a book to turn to again and again for understanding and inspiration. ... read more

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8) Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes Are High, Second Edition (Revised),
by Patterson, Kerry, Grenny, Joseph, McMillan, Ron, Switzler, Al
Hardcover (092011)

Rev. ed. of: Crucial conversations: tools for talking when stakes are high / Kerry Patterson ... [et al.]. 2002. ... read more

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9) Sendo Voce, Mudando O Mundo - Portuguese,
by Heer, Dr Dain
Paperback (052017)

UM MANUAL PARA GERAR INFINITAS POSSIBILIDADES E MUDANCA DINAMICA SENDO VOCE, MUDANDO O MUNDO Este e um livro muito diferente. E escrito para os sonhadores deste mundo -as pessoas que sabem que algo diferente e possivel, mas que nunca antes tiveramas ferramentas. E seeu lhe disser que as ferramentas existem? ... read more

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10) Many Lives, Many Masters,
by Weiss, Brian L
Paperback (071988)

Dr. Weiss was skeptical when one of his patients began recalling past-life traumas. But as he began working on past-life therapy, and the patient began channeling messages about Dr. Weiss's family and dead son, his skepticism eroded. Curing his patient, Dr. Weis embarked on a new, more meaningful phase of his career. ... read more

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11) There Is Nothing Wrong with You: Going Beyond Self-Hate (Revised),
by Huber, Cheri, Shiver, June
Paperback (102001)

This book reveals the origin of self-hate, how self-hate works, how to identify it, and how to go beyond it.
... read more

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12) Mindful Sport Performance Enhancement: Mental Training for Athletes and Coaches,
by Kaufman, Keith A, Glass, Carol R, Pineau, Timothy R
Paperback (102017)

This book is a comprehensive resource on the history, theory, and practice of mindfulness in sport. The authors present their empirically-supported, six-session mindfulness program adapted for specific athletic populations.
... read more

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13) Zehn Schlussel Zur Absoluten Freiheit - 10 Keys to Total Freedom - German,
by Douglas, Gary M, Heer, Dr Dain
Paperback (122016)

Das sind die Zehn Schlussel zur absoluten Freiheit. In diesem Buch geht es um eine andere Art zu leben, mit mehr Bewusstsein und einer umfassenderen Wahrnehmung von dir selbst, deinem Leben, dieser Wirklichkeit und daruber hinaus. ... read more

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14) Natural Superiority of the Left-Hander,
by De Kay, James Tertius
Paperback (091992)

... read more

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15) How People Learn: Brain, Mind, Experience, and School: Expanded Edition (Expanded),
by National Research Council, Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education, Board on Behavioral Cognitive and Sensory Sciences, Committee on Developments in the Science of Learning with Additional Material from the Committee on Learning Research and Educational Practice
Paperback (092000)

The connection between classroom activities and learning behavior is explored in depth through this important book's updated findings on the mind, the brain, and the learning processes that affect what is taught and how. Core sections probe how learning occurs and what teachers and schools can do to help children learn best. ... read more

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16) Unquiet Mind,
by Jamison, Kay Redfield
Paperback (011997)

In an "invaluable memoir of manic depression, at once medically knowledgeable, deeply human, and beautifully written" (The New York Times Book Review), Kay Redfield Jamison offers a story with a dual perspective: from that of healer and healed. Powerfully candid, exceptionally wise, An Unquiet Mind is one of those rare book that has the power to transform lives--and even save them. ... read more

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17) Psychology Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained,
by DK
Paperback (022017)

A guide to the study of human nature that explains more than 100 groundbreaking ideas in the field of psychology. ... read more

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18) Ghost in the Machine,
by Koestler, Arthur
Paperback (101982)

... read more

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19) Team Memory Jogger,
by Goal/Qpc
Spiral (011995)

... read more

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20) On Grief & Grieving: Finding the Meaning of Grief Through the Five Stages of Loss,
by Kubler-Ross, Elisabeth, Kessler, David, Shriver, Maria
Paperback (082014)

The authors explain how Kubler-Rosss famous "Five Stages of Dying" apply directly to mourners themselves. In this, her final book, completed shortly before her death, the authors own experiences and spiritual insight explain how the grief process helps survivors live with loss. ... read more

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21) Waking the Tiger Healing Trauma,
by Levine, Peter A, Frederick, Ann
Paperback (071997)

A straightforward and drug-free approach to dealing with trauma and behavioral disorders, this book presents simple "first aid" tools to help prevent traumatic reactions from developing in the aftermath of "overwhelm" and injury. Thoroughly investigated, this work is based upon the author's years of work with numerous stress and trauma victims. Illustrations. ... read more

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22) Ambiguous Loss: Learning to Live with Unresolved Grief,
by Boss, Pauline
Paperback (102000)

In this original and humane account of the ravages of uncertainty faced by those who lose a loved one, the author draws on her research and clinical experience to suggest strategies that can cushion the pain, and offers heartening narratives of those who cope with ambiguous losses and manage to move on. ... read more

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23) Dying Well,
by Byock, Ira
Paperback (031998)

Nobody should have to die in pain. Nobody should have to die alone. This is Ira Byock's dream, and he is dedicating his life to making it come true. "Dying Well" brings readers to the homes and bedsides of families with whom Dr. Byock has worked, telling stories of love and reconciliation in the face of tragedy, pain, and conflict. ... read more

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24) Geography of Bliss: One Grump's Search for the Happiest Places in the World,
by Weiner, Eric
Paperback (012009)

Part foreign affairs discourse, part humor, and part twisted self-help guide, "The Geography of Bliss" takes the reader from America to Iceland to India in search of happiness, or, in the crabby author's case, moments of "un-unhappiness." ... read more

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25) Little Red Book (Revised),
by Anonymous
Hardcover (091987)

... read more

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