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26) Conscience and Its Enemies: Confronting the Dogmas of Liberal Secularism,
by George, Robert P, Glendon, Mary Ann
Paperback (042016)

"Collection of previously published essays on cultural and legal issues relating to the marriage debate, abortion and embryonic stem cell research, political liberty, and religious freedom"-- ... read more

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27) Against His-Story, Against Leviathan,
by Perlman, Fredy
Paperback (012002)

His major work, a vast study of the rise of totalitarian lifestyles and a profound affirmation of the struggle to reassert human values. One of the most significant and influential anarchic texts of the last few decades. ... read more

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28) War Is a Racket: The Antiwar Classic by America's Most Decorated Soldier (Revised),
by Butler, Smedley D, Parfrey, Adam
Paperback (082003)

... read more

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29) Fourth Turning: What the Cycles of History Tell Us about America's Next Rendezvous with Destiny,
by Strauss, William, Howe, Neil
Paperback (121997)

Basing their vision on a provocative theory of American history as series of recurring 80- to 100-year cycles, the authors predict that, just after the millennium, America will enter a new era that will culminate with a political and social crisis comparable to the American Revolution, the Civil War, and World War II. "The Fourth Turning" shows how it is not too early--or too late--to prepare for our next rendezvous with destiny. ... read more

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30) Challenge of Politics; An Introduction to Political Science Fifth Edition (Revised),
by Riemer, Neal, Simon, Douglas W, Romance, Joseph
Paperback (012016)

... read more

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31) Let Nobody Turn Us Around: Voices of Resistance, Reform, and Renewal: An African American Anthology,
by Marable, Manning, Mullings, Leith, Abu-Jamal, Mumia, Allen, Richard, Asante, Molefi Kete, Baldwin, James, Baraka, Amiri, Blyden, Edward Wilmot, Briggs, Cyril V, Carmichael, Stokely, Douglass, Frederick, Burghardt Du Bois, William Edward, Dunbar, Paul Laurence, Dunbar-Nelson, Alice Moore, Equiano, Olaudah, Farrakhan, Louis, Garnet, Henry Highland, Hamer, Fannie Lou, Watkins Harper, Frances Ellen, Hooks, Bell, Hughes, Langston, Johnson, James Weldon, King, Martin Luther, Lorde, Audre, X, Malcolm, Marshall, Thurgood, McKay, Claude, Muhammad, Elijah, Newton, Huey P, Northrup, Solomon, Parks, Rosa, Powell, Adam Clayton, Randolph, A Philip, Robeson, Paul, Robinson, Jo Ann, Pierre Ruffin, Josephine St, Rustin, Bayard, Stewart, Maria W, Terell, Mary Church, Truth, Sojourner, Turner, Nat, Walker, David, Washington, Booker T, Washington, Harold, Wells-Barnett, Ida B, Wilkins, Roy, Wilson, William Julius
Paperback (042009)

One of America's most prominent historians and a noted feminist bring together the most important political writings and testimonials from African-Americans over three centuries. ... read more

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32) Reformation: A History,
by MacCulloch, Diarmaid
Paperback (032005)

Winner of the 2004 Wolfson Prize for History, "The Reformation" is the definitive account of one of the most dramatic upheavals in history. 24-page photo insert. ... read more

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33) Race Orthodoxy in the South: And Other Aspects of the Negro Question (Classic Reprint),
by Bailey, Thomas Pearce
Paperback (122017)

... read more

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34) Faces at the Bottom of the Well,
by Bell, Derrick
Paperback (101993)

This series of allegorial stories and encounters with fictional characters sheds light on some of the most perplexing and vexing issues of the day: affirmative action, disparity between civil rights law and reality, "racist outbursts" of some African American leaders, and more. ... read more

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35) On Liberty, Utilitarianism and Other Essays,
by Mill, John Stuart, Philp, Mark, Rosen, Frederick
Paperback (092015)

Previous edition: published as On liberty and other essays. 1991. ... read more

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36) How We Survived Communism & Even Laughed,
by Drakulic, Slavenka
Paperback (062016)

Hailed by feminists as one of the most important contributions to women's studies in the last decade, this gripping, beautifully written account describes the daily struggles of women under the Marxist regime in the former republic of Yugoslavia. "Drakulic is a journalist and novelist whose voice belongs to the world".--Gloria Steinem. ... read more

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37) Color Your Campus--Indiana University: An Adult Coloring Book,
by Mueller, Melissa
Paperback (082016)

... read more

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38) Evolution of Cooperation: Revised Edition (Revised),
by Axelrod, Robert
Paperback (122006)

... read more

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39) On the Social Contract,
by Rousseau, Jean-Jacques
Paperback (022003)

A milestone of political science, Rousseau's 1762 work argues that all government is fundamentally flawed and that modern society is rife with inequality. He proposes an alternative system for the development of self-governing, self-disciplined citizens. ... read more

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40) How Texas Politics Really Works,
by Locander, Robert, Bailey, Kevin, Shaw, Richard
Paperback (082017)

... read more

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41) Fires in the Mirror,
by Smith, Anna Deavere
Paperback (091993)

Last year's acclaimed off-Broadway play is as much a commentary on current racial tensions as it is a work of drama. Award-winning writer and solo performer Smith derived her scripts from interviews with people who experienced or observed New York's 1991 Crown Heights racial riots. As seen on PBS. Photos. ... read more

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42) Little Book of Family Group Conferences: New Zealand Style: A Hopeful Approach When Youth Cause Harm,
by MacRae, Allan
Paperback (012004)

... read more

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43) Field Notes from a Catastrophe: Man, Nature, and Climate Change (Revised),
by Kolbert, Elizabeth
Paperback (022015)

A new edition of the book that launched Elizabeth Kolbert's career as an environmental writer--updated with three new chapters and timed to publish with the paperback of her bestselling The Sixth Extinction. ... read more

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44) America's Secret Establishment: An Introduction to the Order of Skull & Bones (2002),
by Sutton, Antony C
Paperback (042004)

... read more

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45) Backlash: The Undeclared War Against American Women,
by Faludi, Susan
Paperback (082006)

... read more

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46) In Siberia,
by Thubron, Colin
Paperback (122000)

Traveling alone, the author explored the Siberian territory, talking to everyone he met about the state of that country. What he found was a land whose natural resources have been savagely exploited for decades, a terrain tainted by nuclear waste, but filled with citizens who demonstrated hospitality despite their poverty. ... read more

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47) Art as Experience,
by Dewey, John
Paperback (072005)

... read more

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48) Are Charters Different?: Public Education, Teachers, and the Charter School Debate,
by Oberfield, Zachary W
Paperback (082017)

In his new book, author Zachary W. Oberfield investigates the question of whether charter schools cultivate different teaching climates from those found in traditional public schools. ... read more

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49) Winston Churchill by His Personal Secretary: Recollections of the Great Man by a Woman Who Worked for Him,
by Nel, Elizabeth
Paperback (092007)

... read more

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50) At the Center of the Storm: My Years at the CIA,
by Tenet, George
Paperback (052007)

... read more

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