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1) Tree Finder: A Manual for Identification of Trees by Their Leaves (Eastern Us),
by Watts, May Theilgaard
Paperback (011963)

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2) Sad Animal Facts,
by Barker, Brooke
Hardcover (092016)

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Retail Price: $19.99Compare and buy for $13.19

3) Stranger in the Woods: The Extraordinary Story of the Last True Hermit,
by Finkel, Michael
Hardcover (032017)

"This is a Borzoi book"--Title page verso. ... read more

Retail Price: $25.95Compare and buy for $17.12

4) Nature Anatomy: The Curious Parts and Pieces of the Natural World,
by Rothman, Julia
Paperback (012015)

An illustrated invitation to become a student of the nature world, the second book in Julia Rothman's Anatomy series captures nature's wonders from mosses to mountain lions to the phases of the moon. ... read more

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5) Exploring Wild Alabama: A Guide to the State's Publicly Accessible Natural Areas,
by Wills, Kenneth M, Davenport, L J, Oberholster, Chris
Paperback (092016)

Exploring Wild Alabama is the most comprehensive guide available to Alabama s publicly accessible natural destinations. Written for sports enthusiasts, hikers, and birders, as well as for ecotourists and readers interested in Alabama s rich biodiversity, Exploring Wild Alabama is an essential part of any day trip or overnight stay in the state." ... read more

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6) Frans Lanting: Okavango,
by Eckstrom, Christine, Lanting, Frans
Hardcover (022013)

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Retail Price: $39.99Compare and buy for $26.39

7) Egg and I,
by MacDonald, Betty
Paperback (062008)

The author relates the joys and frustrations of life on a poultry farm in the mountains of Washington. ... read more

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8) Handbook of Nature Study (Revised),
by Comstock, Anna Botsford, Rockcastle, Verne N
Paperback (071986)

A matchless handbook for decades, this classic work has been the natural history bible for countless teachers and others who seek information about their environment. ... read more

Retail Price: $27.95Compare and buy for $27.25

9) Unnatural World: The Race to Remake Civilization in Earth's Newest Age,
by Biello, David
Hardcover (112016)

"Chronicles a disparate band of unlikely heroes: an effervescent mad scientist who would fertilize the seas; a pigeon-obsessive bent on bringing back the extinct [passenger pigeon]; a low-level government functionary in China doing his best to clean up his city, and more. These scientists, billionaires, and ordinary people are all working toward saving the best home humanity is ever likely to have" ... read more

Retail Price: $26.00Compare and buy for $17.16

10) Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder (Updated, Expanded),
by Louv, Richard
Paperback (042008)

Louv talks with parents, children, teachers, scientists, religious leaders, child-development researchers, and environmentalists to find ways for children to experience the natural world more deeply. ... read more

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11) How to Be a Wildflower: A Field Guide,
by Daisy, Katie
Hardcover (022016)

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Retail Price: $19.95Compare and buy for $13.16

12) Sharing Nature with Children: The Classic Parents' & Teachers' Nature Awareness Guidebook (Anniversary),
by Cornell, Joseph
Paperback (072002)

As this classic title approaches its 20th anniversary, Cornell has drawn upon a wealth of experience in nature education to significantly revise and expand his book. New nature game favorites from the field--and Cornell's typically insightful commentary--will make this second edition even more valuable to nature lovers worldwide. ... read more

Retail Price: $9.95Compare and buy for $9.75

13) Vitamin N: The Essential Guide to a Nature-Rich Life,
by Louv, Richard
Paperback (042016)

From Richard Louv, the bestselling author who defined the term "nature-deficit disorder," Vitamin N (for "nature") is a complete prescription for connecting with the power and joy of the natural world right now, Vitamin N is a practical guidebook for the whole family, offering parents eager to share nature with their kids tips, activities, and ideas for young and old alike. ... read more

Retail Price: $15.95Compare and buy for $13.15

14) Dirt: The Erosion of Civilizations (Second Edition, with a New Pre),
by Montgomery, David R
Paperback (042012)

"From this gritty and compelling state-of-our-earth report comes the inescapable truth that we are nothing if not dirty-minded. A brilliant and essential book."--Roger Swain, science editor of "Horticulture "magazine
"The relationship between soils and societies has been crucial for humankind for 10,000 years. David Montgomery brings a geomorphologist's eye and a world-historical vision to the subject, showing why it demands our attention."--J. ... read more

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15) Sharks of the World Coloring Book,
by Hunter, Llyn
Paperback (111989)

Twenty-five meticulously rendered, ready-to-colorpredators of the sea, including the tiny cookiecutter, monstrous whale shark, hammerhead, thresher, great white, many more. Captions.
" ... read more

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16) Planet of Viruses: Second Edition,
by Zimmer, Carl
Paperback (102015)

... read more

Retail Price: $13.00Compare and buy for $8.58

17) Dragons of Eden: Speculations on the Evolution of Human Intelligence,
by Sagan, Carl
Mass Market Paperbound (121986)

... read more

Retail Price: $7.99Compare and buy for $7.83

18) Tropical Paradise Scenes to Paint or Color (Green),
by Barlowe, Dot
Paperback (012009)

Windswept beaches. Swaying palm trees. Gorgeous sunsets. Colorists and other artists can escape to exotic, faraway places with this collection of 23 breathtaking scenes. Perforated pages make it easy to remove each illustration. ... read more

Retail Price: $5.99Compare and buy for $5.87

19) Oldest Living Things in the World,
by Sussman, Rachel, Zimmer, Carl, Obrist, Hans Ulrich
Hardcover (042014)

"The Oldest Living Things in the World" is an epic journey through time and space. Over the past decade, artist Rachel Sussman has researched, worked with biologists, and traveled the world from Antarctica to the Mojave Desert in order to photograph continuously living organisms that are at least 2,000 years old. The result is a stunning and unique visual collection of species unlike anything that has been created in the arts or sciences before. read more

Retail Price: $60.00Compare and buy for $39.60

20) Art Forms in Nature: The Prints of Ernst Haeckel,
by Haeckel, Ernst Heinrich Philip, Breidbach, Olaf, Hartmann, Richard, Eibl-Eibesfeld, Irenaus, Eibl-Eibesfeldt
Paperback (082008)

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Retail Price: $25.00Compare and buy for $16.50

21) Rocky Mountain Nature Guide,
by Kershaw, Linda J, Bezener, Andy, Ross, Gary
Paperback (061999)

This guide includes information on mammals, fish, birds, trees, shrubs, wildflowers, insects and reptiles from Alaska to New Mexico. Each species has a concise yet thorough description, including range and habitat. Also includes seasonal highlights for parks in the Rockies and maps. 372 color illustrations, 8 maps. ... read more

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22) Winter Weed Finder: A Guide to Dry Plants in Winter,
by Miller, Dorcas S, Amendolara, Ellen
Paperback (011989)

... read more

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23) How Men Age: What Evolution Reveals about Male Health and Mortality,
by Bribiescas, Richard G
Hardcover (092016)

... read more

Retail Price: $24.95Compare and buy for $16.46

24) Good Rain: Across Time & Terrain in the Pacific Northwest,
by Egan, Timothy
Paperback (121991)

The Seattle correspondent for The New York Times ranges through the Pacific Northwest--from the salmon fisheries and logging camps to the used-up "resource towns" and the manicured English gardens of Vancouver--in this exemplary blend of history, geology, anthropology, and politics. A Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association Award winner. ... read more

Retail Price: $15.95Compare and buy for $10.52

25) Naturally Curious Day by Day: A Photographic Field Guide and Daily Visit to the Forests, Fields, and Wetlands of Eastern North America,
by Holland, Mary
Paperback (112016)

This follow-up to Naturally Curious, a National Outdoor Book Award winner, is a day-by-day account of nature observations throughout the year. Daily entries includes entertaining and enlightening observations about specific animal or plant activity. ... read more

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