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1) Santo Remedio / Doctor Juan's Top Home Remedies: Cientos de Remedios Caseros Llenos de Sabiduraa y Ciencia / Hundreds of Home Remedies Full of Wisdom,
by Rivera, Doctor Juan
Paperback (062017)

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2) AARP Meditations for Caregivers: Practical, Emotional, and Spiritual Support for You and Your Family,
by Jacobs, Barry J, Mayer, Julia L
Paperback (072016)

An official AARP book for caregivers combining day-to-day advice and uplifting guidance in a daily meditations format ... read more

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3) ICD-10-CM Expert for Hospitals 2018 (Spiral),
by Optum 360
Spiral (092017)

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4) Ayurveda: The Science of Self-Healing,
by Lad, Vasant
Paperback (011984)

Most popular general introduction to Ayurveda, the alternate health science of India. ... read more

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5) Misoprostol En La Interrupcion Temprana del Embarazo En Adolescentes,
by Varona Sanchez Joel Alejandro
Paperback (082013)

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6) Phlebotomy: Essentials of Performing Phlebotomy, Circulatory System, Blood Tests, Tools, Techniques, Equipment, Color-Coded Tops &,
by Almquist, Kathryn
Other (122009)

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7) Heart of Addiction: A New Approach to Understanding and Managing Alcoholism and Other Addictive Behaviors,
by Dodes, Lance M
Paperback (122002)

With compassion and deep understanding based on more than 25 years of clinical practice, Dr. Dodes provides readers with the keys to mastering their addiction by helping them uncover: why they feel the impulse, why they feel it when they do; and what they can do to address these emotional needs in another way. ... read more

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8) Spinal Cord Injury: Functional Rehabilitation (Revised),
by Somers, Martha Freeman
Hardcover (092009)

Compltely updated in a new edition, this unique reference is an in-depth examination of the central role of the physical therapist in rehabilitation following spinal cord injury. This book encompasses all of the elements involved in a successful rehabilitation program. It includes a basic understanding of spinal cord injuries and issues relevant to disability, as well as knowledge of the physical skills involved in functional activities and the the ... read more

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9) Data Analysis: An Introduction,
by Lewis-Beck, Michael S
Paperback (011995)

This accessible introduction to data analysis focuses on the interpretation of statistical results, in particular those which come from nonexperimental social research. It will provide social science researchers with the tools necessary to select and evaluate statistical tests appropriate for their research question.

Using a consistent data-set throughout the book to illustrate the various analytic techniques, Michael Lewis-Beck covers to ... read more

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10) Short Guide to a Long Life,
by Agus, David B
Paperback (122014)

"A fun, illustrated book of simple rules everyone should follow in order to live a long, healthy life, derived from Dr. Agus's #1 New York Times bestselling book, The End of Illness"-- ... read more

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11) Science of Sleep: What It Is, How It Works, and Why It Matters,
by Mendelson, Wallace B
Hardcover (102017)

From Ivy: We are sleeping less and less: statistics show that insomnia has reached pandemic proportions, and costs healthcare providers billions. Most of us spend a third of our lives asleep--our bodies insist on sleep; without it, we die. But why we sleep still remains relatively mysterious. The Science of Sleep explains the elements of the sleep state and explores the various sleep disorders and how their available treatments work. By offering an ... read more

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12) Top 100 Health-Care Careers: Your Complete Guidebook to Training and Jobs in Allied Health, Nursing, Medicine, and More,
by Wischnitzer, Saul, Wischnitzer, Edith
Paperback (092010)

... read more

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13) Folk Medicine: A New England Almanac of Natural Health Care from a Noted Vermont Country Doctor,
by Jarvis, D C
Paperback (031995)

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14) ICD-10-CM Expert for Physicians 2018 W/ Guidelines,
by Optum 360
Spiral (102017)

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15) Hierarchical Linear Models: Applications and Data Analysis Methods,
by Raudenbush, Stephen W, Bryk, Anthony S
Hardcover (122001)

Popular in the First Edition for its rich, illustrative examples and lucid explanations of the theory and use of hierarchical linear models (HLM), the book has been reorganized into four parts with four completely new chapters. The first two parts, Part I on "The Logic of Hierarchical Linear Modeling" and Part II on "Basic Applications" closely parallel the first nine chapters of the previous edition with significant expansions and tech ... read more

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16) Way of Herbs (Original),
by Tierra, Michael
Paperback (081998)

Fully updated with the latest developments in herbal science, this book provides an essential guide to gaining and maintaining good health through a holistic approach. ... read more

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17) Missing Data,
by Allison, Paul D
Paperback (082001)

Using numerous examples and practical tips, this book offers a nontechnical explanation of the standard methods for missing data (such as listwise or casewise deletion) as well as two newer (and, better) methods, maximum likelihood and multiple imputation. Anyone who has relied on ad-hoc methods that are statistically inefficient or biased will find this book a welcome and accessible solution to their problems with handling missing data.

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18) Single-Case Research Designs: Methods for Clinical and Applied Settings, 2nd Edition (Revised),
by Kazdin, Alan E
Paperback (022010)

... read more

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19) Perfect Match,
by Picoult, Jodi
Paperback (022003)

Attorney D.A. Nina Frost sees a parent's worst nightmare firsthand--she prosecutes child molesters, and she's seen one too many walk free. But when her own five-year-old son becomes a victim, Nina is determined to do whatever it takes to find the assailant--no matter the consequence. ... read more

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20) Secrets of the Human Body,
by Van Tullekin, Chris, Van Tulleken, Xand, Cohen, Andrew
Paperback (112017)

... read more

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21) She's Come Undone,
by Lamb, Wally
Paperback (121996)

An extraordinary coming-of-age odyssey, She's Come Undone tells the story of Dolores Price, a dysfunctional, heartbreakingly comical young heroine, and her wild journey to love, pain, and renewal. "(A) saga of moral liberation".--Glamour. ... read more

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22) Medicina Natural Al Alcance de Todos,
by Lezaeta Acharan, Manuel
Paperback (072018)

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23) How We Die: Reflections of Life's Final Chapter, New Edition,
by Nuland, Sherwin B
Paperback (011995)

In an age when death occurs in sterile seclusion and is cloaked in euphemi sm and taboo, How We Die is a vital revelation. Clearly, frankly, yet compassionately, it tells us how most of us are likely to die--and in doing so , suggests how we may live more fully and meaningfully. Written by a distinguished surgeon, How We Die succeeds in restoring death to its ancient place in human existence. ... read more

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24) Intelligent Body: Reversing Chronic Fatigue and Pain from the Inside Out,
by Davies, Kyle, Matae, Gabor
Hardcover (052017)

Exercises and strategies for long-term emotional well-being in the face of physical difficulties. ... read more

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25) Power Yoga: The Total Strength and Flexibility Workout,
by Birch, Beryl Bender
Paperback (011995)

A high-energy, high-heat yoga workout--for athletes interested in a serious and effective fitness regimen. In 344 clear and instructive black-and-white photos, Power Yoga presents 100 positions that loosen muscles, unwind tight joints, and build strength. Power yoga is the official yoga routine of the New York Road Runners Club. ... read more

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